A Perfect Family Christmas

So this year we decided to enjoy our Christmas by staying in a beautiful thatched cottage in South Willingham, Lincoln. Our family of five and the two dogs, Maddie and Flossie all travelled from our home in Cheshire the 2 hr journey to spend quality family time together.

We had shopped, packed and planned this holiday so were eager to get it started. Maddie and Flossie were also packed and probably had more luggage than the humans!
Towels, leads, collars, beds, food and of course treats were all on the list. We also had their Christmas presents all wrapped and their stockings ready to hang.

Christmas Eve as a family is just as important to us as the big day itself. We love to have a lazy start, a long dog walk, watch a family film and bake the all important gingerbread house and sugar cookies. Opening one present each after dinner is another all important tradition of ours with this year being no exception. Maddie and Flossie got their Harrods bears, their story book and spotty PJ's. They also got new antlers to enjoy whilst the humans relaxed in front of the fire.

This Christmas was our first without our eldest Son as he worked this Christmas day but also our first with Flossie who's celebrating her first birthday in January. We were excited to enjoy every moment and really take the time to relax and enjoy each others company.

Exploring a new area and waking up in a beautiful thatched cottage made Christmas all the more special and has really made our time together perfect.
Opening presents after breakfast and getting to try on the girls new collars and coats was really fun.
Our traditional Christmas dinner cooked to perfection and enjoyed at a beautifully lit and decorated table. The dogs did wonder what the bangs were as we all pulled crackers but soon thought it was fine when they were served their Christmas doggy dinner too. Chicken, carrots and a side of Guru seemed to go down well.

Wrapped in their new red jumpers we had another short walk after dinner followed by games, a lot of laughter and of course Spaniel cuddles.

If you are wondering if a Christmas away is something you might enjoy? Can you enjoy a holiday with two Spaniels?

Well, we have loved every minute and are not looking forward to packing up for home. We really must plan our stay for next year!


Maddie, Flossie and family


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