Furbo Dog Cam

The Furbo Dog Cam

We were recently asked if we would like to try the Furbo Dog camera. Furbo is made just for dogs unlike other basic pet cameras. They worked closely with vets and dog trainers in the design to help train, comfort and reward dogs when they are home alone.

*Supported by Furbo

So what did we think, you ask?

Well we received the parcel very quickly as promised and it was very nicely packaged.
The Furbo came in it's own box with instructions for set up.
This was super simple;
1. Turn on your phone's Bluetooth
2. Plug the Furbo in
3. Wait for the green light that shines from the bottom of the unit
4. Install the Furbo App
5. Pair with my phone

and all was done!

I inputted my dogs details on the app and added some small treats to the top of the unit.
It is a very sleek looking device and has a lovely wooden lid. These keep the treats hidden inside. The base has soft feet that can also be stuck to a surface should you need to.

So now to try using it.

The app easily, with one tap, takes you to the camera view. This is HD 1080p, 4x zoom and also has night vision. It covers a 160°angle and easily shows all of our living room.

You can use the pre recorded noise or record your own voice that will sound as you dispense a treat. We called our dogs names and used that. Then when the camera is on you can easily swipe up and the Furbo says the recording. Maddie and Flossie went running to it as the Furbo then dispensed a few tiny treats. These launch gently from the Furbo as a reward for them.

Well they loved it!

Maddie is less treat driven than Flossie so she would potter over. Flossie learnt instantly there were treats on offer and sat waiting for her name to be called again.

The camera can also take photos with one easy tap as well as record for you. These store to your phone in their own handy folder.

So what do we, and more importantly, the dogs think of our Furbo?


We can see the girls clearly and can also speak to them if we are not there. One tap again and your voice is heard from the Furbo. If we want to reward them it's so simple to do.

We can easily open the app and see the girls at any moment and with barking notifications turned on we can see if either of them are noisy whilst we aren't there.

It works on Android or iPhone so that was a bonus for us. If you were looking at a high quality, easy to use, value for money camera we couldn't recommend this more!

Well done Furbo, it's brilliant!

To buy yours head to :https://bit.ly/219ZGdX  it's a must buy for any dog owner!

Love Maddie and Family xx
UFurbo is made just for dogs, unlike other basic pet cameras. They woFurborked closely with vets and dog trainers, in the design process to help train, c
nlike a basic pet cam, Furbo is made just for dogs. Working closely with vets and dog trainers, Furbo is  to help train, comfort, and reward dogs when they're home alone.


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