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Memory Foam Mattress Madeleine since May has had several orthopaedic operations including pinned and wired knees and a total hip replacement. She had a dislocated back right knee, dislocating left knee and we then found, under investigation, that she had severe hip dysplasia too. Maddie didn't have a good start in life, probably coming from a puppy farm and then being rehomed several times before 3 months until we found her back up for resale on the internet. This genetic predisposition and poor diet etc is probably the reason behind the medical issues she faces. Maddie has never shown signs that she was in such pain and it only became apparent on long walks as she had started to guard her back legs from unfamiliar dogs. So the long journey to get her as pain free as possible began. It hasn't been easy but she's sure worth every sleepless night and extra grey hair that this year has brought. She's one tough Spaniel and obviously loved, by not just us,

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